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When it comes to making a fashion statement, statement pieces are probably your best bet in regard to turning heads. However, as statement pieces may get you noticed, they won’t necessarily make you known for impeccable style. 

First on our list of HFA style influences - Jimi Hendrix

Not only is Mr. Hendrix a legend, his style is inspiring a whole generation of millennials and born again hippies. 

His statement piece? Confidence. 

He kept his outfits fresh with color, and wild prints, but also wasn’t afraid to remix and rotate his favorite key pieces.  His confidence to wear whatever from head wraps, bands, and skinny pants proves that confidence is the ultimate accessory

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Fall’s here so it’s the perfect excuse to beef up our wardrobes with dope gear, from coats to trill accessories. If you live in the SF bay area, you probably already know about the major Uniqlo grand opening that went down friday, October 5th.

If you’ve heard anything at all about the Japanese brand, Uniqlo, you’ve probably heard about their dope thermal heat technology. Their gear may fit a little snug on footballers, but their basics are pretty key for anyone looking for some fall wear to rock on the weekends. 

We didn’t fare the grand opening madness, but we were lucky enough to some reactions from those that got out of the crowds of hype alive. En route to San Francisco State University, on Friday night, two young men dressed in Supreme and The Hundreds, carried Uniqlo bags and when queried about the new store’s selection they both agreed - “Uniqlo’s dope.” “Their selection was ran through, but judging from what the big spenders were carrying out - their selection is perfect for anyone looking for basics to complement their trill shit.” When asked what trill shit was exactly, 20 year old D.J. smirked, “The major labels - The Hundreds, Supreme, BAPE, Pink Dolphin.” 

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The HFA Blog / An Introduction.

HFA is a blog that centers around the lifestyle brand, High Flying Abilities, founded by Darius Gaines, a creative based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The concept was sparked by a series of happenings between 2006 and early 2010.

Major life changes often deter young [black] men who have BIG dreams - making it to the NBA, being successful in the fashion industry, making his family proud - but fostering the HFA brand, Gaines focused his creative energies in order to make it through adversity.

HFA strives to cradle the potential of those that have been through it all, but haven’t given up on their dreams no matter how big and impossible they may seem. Acknowledging your high flying abilities means taking heed of your power, your strength, and your determination to show and prove. 

This blog will serve many purposes, but above all it will be calling place for those that are value creativity. With posts that will cover basketball, music, and menswear; HFA won’t sleep on providing sports & style  enthusiasts with real substance from the millennial point of view. 

-The HFA Team

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